Top 5 methods to change your auto

Top 5 methods to change your car

Having purchased your new (or not new) car, it is time to start contemplating adding a few modifications. I've put a record of my favourite auto adjustments together to offer a bit of inspiration.

1. Window Tint

Now I am not just placing window tint on top of the list because we're the leading UK's supplier of pre cut car window tint kits (end shameless plug), I do actually believe it is one of the cheapest and greatest means to completely transform your own car. Make your car really stick out by choosing a siver coloured tint like the blue tint below or mirrored.

2. Alloy wheels

Have you ever ever seen a decent altered car running on standard steel wheels? No, me neither, and that is the reason why I Have set alloy wheels 2 nd in our list. Expect to pay anywhere from around GBP300 to get a basic set with tyress.

3. Exhaust

You've got your automobile looking all fine, but you can not have it seeming like a shopping trolley. So next on our list of changes that are top is a new exhaust. These range from just a back-box to give your car a little growl, to an entire exhaust system to boost functionality and give your car that sporty sound. Prices for exhaust back-boxes begin at around GBP50.

4. Lexus lights

It looked at one point several years back, that every other car you passed had a set of Lexus lights seeming pretty tacky in a few instances to not be unfair. Jointly with other modifications I believe they can definitely seem fine, I personally favor the Lexus lights having a darker backing (see picture below) rather compared to the silver backed lights with looked a bit stuck on.


This is only going to work if you have got a set of wide spoke alloys, but it will give your car that sporty appearance that is certain. Brake calliper paint can be obtained as a pot of paint or a spray can. You'll probably have to take off your wheels to implement it.

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